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What Is the Importance of the Games and Sports in Human Health?

What Is the Importance of the Games and Sports in Human Health

Games and sports are vital for human health. They build our body and develop our mind. they provide ample exercise to our muscles. In this way, they create our bodies strong and stop us from getting fat. They refresh our minds and provides us sufficient amusement. After a day's diligence, the man feels tired and exhausted. He needs rest. He plays the sport so as to refresh his mind. Games and sports remove the boredom of life and make him fit the subsequent day's work.

In our country, the games are often divided into two groups, outdoor games, and indoor games. The outdoor games include cricket, hockey, and football. Cricket is more popular than other games. During the times of cricket matches, everybody talks about it. The cricket matches are seen and watched by everybody with great interest. The cricket stars are discussed everywhere. there are excellent excitement and thrill within the entire population of the country. The hockey matches also are viewed and watched with great interest. they're filled with interest, thrill, and suspense. They last for a brief duration but they create more excitement than cricket matches.

The indoor games also keep us busy, fit, and healthy. They include such games as Ping-Pong, carrom, and playing cards. they provide exercise to our mind and memory. they're a test to the facility of our intelligence and skill. They become harmful if we devote much of our time to them.

Games and sports build our character. it's in the playground that the qualities of a player come to the surface. an honest player plays the sport during a sporting spirit. It means he's always fair and just in his dealings. He plays the sport for the sake of it. Victory or defeat has no meaning for him. If he wins the sport, he doesn't feel pleased with it. If he loses it, he's not discouraged at it. He doesn't violate the principles of the games. he's impartial in his judgment. he's only curious about the glory and zeal of the sport.

A good player may be a lover of mankind. he's always for love goodwill and common sense. If he goes abroad, he carries with him the message of affection. he's a true message of affection. he's the true ambassador of his nation. the respect and glory of his nation are uppermost in his mind. He doesn't do anything which can ruin the image of his nation. he's always dignified and upright in his dealings. within the playground, his conduct is usually marked with common sense. He doesn't inherit anger even at his insult. He doesn't abuse his rivals. he's free from ill will, hatred, and malice. he's tolerant and broad-minded.

A good player plays the sport during solidarity. He doesn't play his game for his honor but he plays the sport for his team. As a member of the team, he's very helpful and co-operative. He may lose his points and score, but he won't let his companion suffer. He obeys the discipline of the team faithfully. The word of the captain may be a law for him. an honest player may be a selfless and sincere worker. he's devoted o his mission. In short, within the playground, he learns to be fair, just, and good.