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How Long Women Can Stay on Contraceptive Pills?


How Long Women Can Stay on Contraceptive Pills

How Long Women Can Stay on Contraceptive Pills?

With effective and safe contraception alternatives, today well-planned parenthood has become tons easier. Out of all available options, contraception pills remain the foremost preferred option worldwide. Accidents do happen and you discover yourself within the need for emergency contraception. this is often where contraceptive involves the rescue.

The simple science behind the working of those medication involves two hormones like estrogen and progesterone which hinders the traditional ovulation process. This prevents fertilization and the release of the egg from the ovaries.

It is the pliability of usage of those medications that creates it so popular among women. Its users are often continued or discontinued supported individual demand. Moreover, no medical opinion is required to try to do so. aside from its popularity, there are many doubts and apprehension lingering within the mind of most girls. a number of the foremost common concerns are regarding continuance and discontinuance of the contraception pills. Let's bust a number of the myths and discuss facts.

1. Once in a while, you ought to take an opportunity from the contraceptive pills. there's no need for a lady to require an opportunity from taking this medication unless and until she wants to be pregnant. However, taking an opportunity can increase her chance to urge conceived. aside from conception, these tablets produce other health benefits also. Endometriosis also can be treated with contraception pills. Oral contraceptives are found to scale back the danger of pelvic disease.

2. Fertility is suffering from future medication use. there's no connection between fertility and therefore the usage of oral drugs. most girls may face a delay in conceiving after discontinuing the pills and thereby confusing pill usage because of the explanation for it.

3. The pill causes you to gain weight. it's one among the common myths. The progestin hormone present in the pill increases appetite, which may end in weight gain. Women feel bloated thanks to estrogen, which matches away with time.

 4. The pill causes cancer. On the contrary, some doctors advise that each woman should take a tablet for a minimum of 5 years for ovarian cancer protection. the probabilities of developing ovarian cysts greatly reduce as these pills prevent ovulation.

5. It is risky to require the pill after 40. These drugs are often taken until menopause. Unless and until you're affected by high vital signs or diabetes taking a contraception pill isn't associated with your age.

6. Pill protects against STDs. contraception drugs offer no protection against STDs. it's always best to use condoms to stop sexually transmitted diseases. Dental dams are often used for the head.

7. All pills are equivalent. within the market different brands of contraceptive medicine are available. they're categorized into two types, one is Combined pill tablet, which is a combination of estrogen and progestin. the opposite is Progestin-Only Pills (POP) or mini-pills that contain progestin but not estrogen.

Emergency contraceptive pills

These medications are often taken only you are feeling your contraception has failed otherwise you had unprotected sex. Emergency contraceptive medicine available on the market today works for up to 3-5 days after sex. Levonelle 1500 is one such tablet that is effective for about 72 hours. ellaOne is another emergency contraceptive medicine that's 98% effective in preventing pregnancy.