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Health | How Addictive Are Cigarettes?

Health  How Addictive Are Cigarettes

How Addictive Are Cigarettes? 

People commonly use the word addiction with reference to their smoking habits, as if to present their hands and say "See I'm addicted, I'm helpless to resist, there's nothing that I can do."

However, despite the common belief that nicotine may be a highly addictive substance no official laboratory study has been ready to definitively state that Nicotine is very physically addictive.

Not highly addictive? Really?

When people are truly hooked on substances like Heroin or Cocaine you see a standard factor. When these addicts are bereft of these substances the body malfunctions. Now, no one's body malfunctions once they stop smoking. Thousands of individuals quit a day and their body doesn't experience any of the physical withdrawal symptoms that you simply might see from a true addiction. It simply doesn't happen.

For example, nobody wakes up within the night needing a cigarette. Yet Heroin and Cocaine addicts will wake within the night for success just to be ready to revisit to sleep.

What a few movies? Everyone can easily watch an honest movie during a movie and sit through the whole show without a cigarette yet maybe a smoker would claim that they find it difficult to travel 2 hours without smoking!

Ok, you'll say...."So - why at that point does everybody believe that cigarettes are addictive?

Now...I'm not into conspiracy theories here but let's think for a brief moment about whose interest it's certain you to think that cigarettes are addictive...There's just one. The Tobacco Companies!

Just think what an excellent marketing tool this is often for ANY product!

Convince the purchaser that they can't live without it

But the most point is this ...

If you were hooked on cigarettes your body would malfunction without them.

You know that your body doesn't malfunction without cigarettes

...therefore there's no physical addiction.