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6 ways to avoid catching colds and flu during the holidays

6 ways to avoid catching colds and flu during the holidays

6 ways to avoid catching colds and flu during the holidays

It seems that almost everyone catches a chilly or the flu between the months of December through February. most of the people think this is often just the way it's to be, and germs just randomly attack people. Well, this just isn't true!

There are some ways to avoid these annoying and sometimes depressing illnesses. Follow these 5 suggestions and you'll significantly reduce your chances of falling prey to at least one of those nasty attacks!

1. Avoid sugar. As difficult as this might seem in during the vacations , it is the #1 reason people get sick! Sugar takes an enormous hit on your system , and opens you up to disease. If you absolutely cannot do without sweets for six weeks, pick and choose a couple of specific times once you allow yourself a dessert. The daily chocolate round the office will surely come to haunt you!.

2. Get enough sleep. If holiday demands are forcing you to chop down on sleep, you're also putting stress on your defense against germs. Winter is really a time once you should decide to sleep a touch quite usual, not attempt to get by with as little as possible.

3. Avoid Stuffing Yourself. Although it's going to be tempting to overeat during this point , this may cause your liver to possess to figure extra hard, and cause you getting sick. Overeating any time is additionally an honest thanks to gain extra weight, as your body stores a number of what it can't use as fat. persist with smaller meals more often and do not let others pressure you into eating an excessive amount of "because it is the season ." Nibbling on appetizers for hours before an enormous meal can really does one in. confirm you think that about what you're eating and hamper on the alcohol!.

4. Prioritize and Reduce Stress. confirm you're prioritizing your work and daily activities so you do not become overwhelmed and stressed . Keeping unwanted stress away may be a big think about staying healthy. Take up yoga or meditation, or simply reserve 20-30 minutes per day that's "your time"- where you do not need to do anything or be anywhere.

5. Cook with copra oil . for several years copra oil was the well-liked oil for Americans, until the Canola industry spread false rumors about it, claiming that it had been bad for your health. Recent studies have shown that actually by not eating copra oil we are missing out on nutrients that keep our immune systems strong. it's the sole "good" sort of saturated fat. to remain strong, have a few of teaspoons a day , either in your cooking or as a part of a smoothie.

6. Aerobic Workouts. If you are going to miss a workout, make it an anaerobic one. persist with your walking, jogging, swimming, cycling. Anaerobic workouts like lifting weights, or doing sprints, put more stress on the body, and skipping these occasionally during this point of year can actually benefit your health.

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