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5 Reasons Your Period Is Lighter Than Usual

5 Reasons Your Period Is Lighter Than Usual

5 Reasons Your Period Is Lighter Than Usual

Getting your period isn't precisely the most desirable organic process of life. But a lighter than normal period, can throw you off and cause you to start worrying about all the possible things which will be wrong with you. albeit every girl has her individual cycle, a mean cycle should have a duration anywhere between three to seven days.

But once you don't expel the typical amount of fluid (30 to 80 ml) and your cycle lasts only two days, it is a general indication of a drag. If your period lasts for 2 days you ought to consult a gynecologist and buy preventive health check-up online. There are literally a couple of common reasons your period is light.

Here are five discussed below:

1. Hormone Imbalance

Estrogen and progesterone are the hormone duo that is largely the rationale for the orchestration of the cycle. The dip and rise in these two hormones can make your cycle a rollercoaster ride. and When your hormones are unstable, your menstrual gets altered.

For instance, estrogen is responsible for the uterus lining. So, if your hormone levels are lower your uterus lining might not thicken enough for you to possess a traditional full period cycle. Also, having a high level of testosterone can cause a scanty period.

2. contraception 

When people are on hormonal contraception, a side effect you would possibly suffer from maybe a lighter period or maybe goes away. this is often actually a commonly discussed "perk" of long-acting reversible contraception option, just like the IUD or implant. the rationale for this is often attributed to endometrial atrophy, which is when your uterine lining gets thinner gradually.

3. Stress

Stress may be a major risk factor for several reproductive health issues. If you're stressed, your body releases two hormones, cortisol, and adrenal. Both these chemicals upset the steadiness of other hormones, even those liable for the genital system.

Cortisol impacts the assembly of both estrogen and progesterone your body produces. So, if you're stressed and your body is flooded with cortisol, you would possibly experience a light period, late or no period.

4. Underweight

Your body requires needs a selected amount of fat to be ready to menstruate normally. This makes total sense from an evolutionary viewpoint since your body should be the main target on its own health first. a coffee weight can cause your cycle to diminish or maybe pause for a few times. Light periods also are results of extreme weight loss or eating disorders.

5. Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

Another common reason why your period could be scanty is PCOS. Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome for the system that causes the hormone to urge imbalanced. If you've got this syndrome, you'll be susceptible to small cysts forming on your ovaries which may cause the instability of hormones resulting in excess hair, obesity, acne, and scanty periods. additionally to scanty periods you would possibly even experience other symptoms, which you've got to ask your doctor for ovarian cysts.

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